SpaceApes are a collection of 2,000 randomly generated NFTs that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. The first 100 Apes were stealth listed on OpenSea on the 7th of September. Their 1,900 remaining brethren will join their mission one month later, with only one thing in mind—going to the moon.

The team is working tirelessly to add further innovative utility features to the project.
Holding a SpaceApe is your ticket to the SpaceApes Ecosystem!


We are proud to have built one of the most amazing and welcoming communities in the entire crypto space. Every SpaceApe holder has a voice in this project and will be able to steer the project with their input. Don’t hesitate, join the SpaceApes and let your voice be heard!

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Stealth launch of the first 100 SpaceApes

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Launch of the remaining 1,900 Genesis SpaceApes

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Migration to our official contract

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$DMT Token launch. Each Genesis Space Ape yields 20 $DMT passively per day.

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Activation of the breeding functionality to generate the 2nd generation of SpaceApes

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Launch of the MoonPass NFT with scarce supply. Full utility TBA!

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Donation to a charity chosen by the community

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Bali Clubhouse and special events. MoonPass Holders gain VIP access.

SpaceApes Ecosystem

$DMT Token

SpaceApes are the hardest working Apes in the universe. After the migration to our official contract, each Genesis Ape – referring to apes from the original collection of 2’000 – will passively yield 20 $DMT a day. The DarkMatter Token $DMT will serve as a token that can be spent on the following utilities: SpaceApe customisation, breeding the second generation of SpaceApes, and as the sole accepted Token for the purchase of the coveted MoonPass. The $DMT Token has no financial value and only serves the utility of the SpaceApes ecosystem. 

SpaceApes Gen 2

The second generation of SpaceApes will consist of 10,000 NFTs. Each Ape within the collection will be generated through the breeding process. Breeding will require two genesis Apes and an undetermined amount of $DMT – which will be burned upon breeding. We will work closely with the community to ensure that the second generation is aesthetically pleasing, pays homage to the genesis generation, and expands upon the current utility plan in a complementary fashion. Our main priority is synergy between current and future collections, along with the establishment of a sustainable ecosystem.

MoonPass NFT

The MoonPass NFT will be limited to a very scarce supply, as it entitles holders to gain access to one of the most exclusive Discord channels in the crypto-verse, as well as VIP access to our future Bali clubhouse. Full future utility to be announced!


The remaining 1,900 SpaceApes can be bought directly on OpenSea. The listing price will be 0.06 ETH for each Ape (No ponzi). Only those that have attained a position on the whitelist can initially purchase a SpaceApe directly on OpenSea at launch. To check whether you are on the whitelist send a message in one of the various discord channels and then click on your name–this will display your roles.

Our whitelist is limited to only 888 members. This role can be earned by contributing value to the community by engaging with newcomers and providing a welcoming atmosphere. Whitelist spots can additionally be won by participating in a host of competitions and giveaways. Whitelist members will be required to fill out a whitelist form–where they will provide their wallet addresses and declare the amount they wish to purchase. Once this information has been collected, a final whitelist will be created, from which each address will be able to view their randomly assigned SpaceApe(s). Once a SpaceApe has been assigned, it may only be purchased by the specific wallet that it was assigned to. Each wallet will have 48 hours to purchase their assigned SpaceApe(s), after which all unpurchased SpaceApes will be available as public listings for the normal listing price of 0.06 ETH.

Before launch, the final whitelist will be released detailing which SpaceApe(s) have been assigned to which address. Each address will be assigned either 1 or 2 SpaceApes–depending on the amount entered in the whitelist form. After launch, you will have 48 hours to buy the SpaceApes that are assigned to your wallet from OpenSea. You will be able to purchase the SpaceApes at any time within the allotted 48 hours, allowing you to make your purchase during low gas consumption periods.

Your assigned SpaceApe(s) will be exclusively purchasable by your wallet address for 48 hours after launch. After the expiration of the allotted time, any SpaceApes that remain unclaimed will be purchasable by the public at the original listing price of 0.06 ETH

SpaceApes can be bought on the secondary market. The first 100 SpaceApes are currently purchasable, with the remaining 1,900 being able to be purchased once their dedicated owners bought them during the whitelist window and decide to list them our after the 48h whitelist window has expired. Secondary markets such as OpenSea are digital marketplaces from which NFTs can be purchased from other users. Once a project has been fully minted, the primary way to obtain a piece from their collection is by purchasing it on OpenSea. However, once a collection hits the secondary market, the price is then determined by the sellers, meaning it may become several times more expensive than the initial mint or purchase price.

The migration to the official contract will be our main focus after the launch of the remaining 1,900 SpaceApes. The exact migration date will be announced on our socials. Join the discord to be up to date:

Holders of the first 100 SpaceApes are the bravest of us all and will be rewarded for their bravery with a bonus $DMT airdrop once the token is released.


SpaceApes were founded by the BananaCollector.
His vision was to create an NFT collection that’s all about community.
To fulfil his mission, he recruited his two degen friends GM and Wizzard.




King Degen



Special thanks to all the discord mods that are doing an amazing job handling the Ape Gang of currently 70k members. @NoSplashZone @kool @Raven333 @!Ptr @!Ye @David Parker @Double U @Hannibalcollecter @Jimmy11 @Kirk @Koki @leedsi @Pepe @Ransü @Sovjet

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